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New residential speed limit - 40 km/h

Maximum 40 km/h speed sign

On August 6, the City of Edmonton is implementing a reduced residential speed limit of 40km/hr. The 30km/hr speed limit on our main ring road will remain and the 40km/hr limit will apply to all other neighbourhood roads.

We are looking for residents who would be interested in displaying a lawn sign to remind both neighbours and visitors to Lendrum of this speed limit change. We have identified a few hot spots where we would like to concentrate our efforts:
  • 113a Street between 57 - 60 Avenue
  • 111a Street between 54 - 57 Avenue
  • 114b Street from 51 Avenue to Avalon school
  • 115 Street from 51 - 60 Avenue
Please contact if you are interested in displaying a sign. Thank you for your diligence with this change and for encouraging a safe and welcoming community for all!

Lendrum Book Sale

Book stack

Lendrum will be holding its annual book sale on August 28th 2021 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Please contact Carolyn at to volunteer or donate books.

Lendrum Community League

Lendrum Living Newsletter - May 2021
Thanks goes to Emily Schlender, our Newsletter Editor & all the contributors for making this a great read!

Be sure to get involved in the Community Bike Challenge Initiative this June!

The deadline for submissions to the September Lendrum Living Newsletter is Sunday, September 5, 2021. Email Emily at

June Bike Challenge

June Bike Challenge

Lendrum has joined Ritchie’s June Bike Challenge Initiative.

For the month of June if you go for a bike ride please track your kms and submit them either by Strava (join the club Lendrum Bike Gang) or by email to by 5pm at the end of each week. First date of submission will be Sunday, June 6. If you don’t want to join Strava and need a way to track your kilometres, I downloaded the free “Bike GPS” app onto my phone which seems to work well.

Track your kids, track yourself, encourage your neighbour and let’s enjoy some bike rides this June!

An extra big thank you to everyone who braved the cold to pick up all of those bottles, and to the volunteers who delivered the flyers.

City of Edmonton

40 km/hr to make our streets safer

Starting this summer, the speed limit will be 40 km/h on most residential and downtown streets. “Safe and livable streets help us reach Edmonton’s goal of Vision Zero — to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities on our streets by 2032,” said Jessica Lamarre, Director of Safe Mobility. “The 40km/h default speed limit is critical to achieving Vision Zero and helps us make our streets calmer, quieter, and more enjoyable at the same time. Slowing down gives us more time to react to the unexpected, reduces unnecessary tragedies on our roads, and has very little impact on travel times. Thank you to everyone for supporting this change and doing your part to make our streets safer for everyone.”

To help Edmontonians become aware of the change and adjust their behaviours, an extensive public education campaign and activities will begin at least one month in advance of the effective date. This date will be announced in July.

People seeking more information about the speed limit reduction project can visit, which features the following resources to help answer most questions people may have about lower speed limits:

Lendrum Community League

Lendrum Living Newsletter - Nov/Dec 2020
Thanks goes to Emily Schlender, our Newsletter Editor & all the contributors for making this a great read!

Be sure to read the Civics article on the City's proposed New Sidewalk On The 115 Street Boulevard and send in a comment!

We say so long & thank you to Stephen Dobson, the LCL Civics Coordinator. Perhaps you & a neighbour or two, will take an interest & volunteer together to fill this role!

The deadline for submissions to the January Lendrum Living Newsletter is Sunday, January 10, 2021. Email Emily at

Lendrum Community League

Please consider volunteering! There are several vacant positions that the LCL would like filled:
  • Civics
  • Fundraising
  • Community Programs
  • Members at Large
Contact the LCL President, Erin Sawyer at if you need more information, or are interested in volunteering!

Age-Friendly Lendrum

Please have a look at the new collection of resources available on our Age-Friendly Lendrum webpage. Contact our Age-Friendly Lendrum Coordinator, Lisa Vaughn, at 780-918-6678 or email with your suggestions or concerns.

New LCL Program Initiative

Learning from One Other: Lendrum Community Information & Activity Sessions

Lendrum has an abundance of talented and knowledge residents. The LCL would like to hold regular community information/activity sessions on a variety of topics. Our goal is that each presenter will be someone from our very own community. If you have special knowledge on or a passion for a specific topic/activity (finances, health and wellness topics, hobbies, recreational activities etc.) and would like to share this with our community in an information session, contact our Abundant Community Lendrum and Age-Friendly Lendrum Coordinator, Lisa Vaughn, at 780-918-6678 or email to indicate your interest.

City of Edmonton

November 20, 2020, City Council has renewed the bylaw requiring the use of medical or non-medical masks or other covering that fully covers the nose, mouth and chin in all indoor public places and public vehicles until December 31, 2021
Full details at  Masks :: City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton

Share Your Voice - Shape Our City Recognizing that COVID-19 represents an unpredictable and unique scenario, the City has made the decision to cancel all in-person Public Engagement Events until further notice. The City will be using  Digital Engagement approaches as we strategically relaunch prioritized City projects.
Visit  Communications and Engagement Calendar
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