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Sector 14 LRDP Feedback

Feedback collected from the June 29 Public Open House by the U of A on the Sector 14 LRDP amendment has been received and can be found on our South Campus Issues page

Lendrum 50 / 50

Hall redevelopment fundraising is underway! Support the exciting redevelopment of the Lendrum community hall through a variety of fundraising opportunities and events. 50/50 cash raffle has started with all proceeds going towards the new hall fund. Winner takes half so buy your tickets today!

The deadline for ticket sales is October 9, 2021 and the draw date is October 10th.

To enter:

New residential speed limit - 40 km/h

Maximum 40 km/h speed sign

As of August 6, 2021 the default speed limit on residential streets in Edmonton is 40km/hr. Not to worry, we are keeping our 30km/hr speed limit on the Lendrum ring road too! Please help to make our streets safer by adjusting your speed on Lendrum roads.

For more information go to:

Lendrum Community League

Lendrum Living Newsletter - May 2021
Thanks goes to Emily Schlender, our Newsletter Editor & all the contributors for making this a great read!

The deadline for submissions to the September Lendrum Living Newsletter is Sunday, September 5, 2021. Email Emily at

Lendrum Community League

Please consider volunteering! There are several vacant positions that the LCL would like filled:
  • Civics
  • Fundraising
  • Community Programs
  • Members at Large
Contact the LCL President, Erin Sawyer at if you need more information, or are interested in volunteering!

Age-Friendly Lendrum

Please have a look at the new collection of resources available on our Age-Friendly Lendrum webpage. Contact our Age-Friendly Lendrum Coordinator, Lisa Vaughn, at 780-918-6678 or email with your suggestions or concerns.

New LCL Program Initiative

Learning from One Other: Lendrum Community Information & Activity Sessions

Lendrum has an abundance of talented and knowledge residents. The LCL would like to hold regular community information/activity sessions on a variety of topics. Our goal is that each presenter will be someone from our very own community. If you have special knowledge on or a passion for a specific topic/activity (finances, health and wellness topics, hobbies, recreational activities etc.) and would like to share this with our community in an information session, contact our Abundant Community Lendrum and Age-Friendly Lendrum Coordinator, Lisa Vaughn, at 780-918-6678 or email to indicate your interest.
Lendrum Community League
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Abundant Community Lendrum
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