Diabetes Awareness Event in Lendrum. November 25, 2017 Hosted by Lendrum Eyecare.

Join Lendrum Eyecare as They Host a Fundraiser (Walk) to Help Donate to Diabetes Canada and Create Awareness.

Saturday, November 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM.
The starting location is at Lendrum Eyecare at 5822 - 111 Street and that will also be the ending location.
The walk will be about 20 minutes long at an easy pace around the Lendrum neighborhood.

Route for the Nov 25, 2017 Walk

Anyone who has diabetes, who have loved ones that is/are struggling with diabetes and people who are just wanting to help support a good cause are welcome!

To make us more united as a group fighting for awareness, we are providing blue toques for people participating to wear. Blue is the colour of Diabetes Awareness, so that is why it was chosen. After the walk is done we will be having hot drinks (hot chocolate, tea) back at Lendrum Eyecare just outside!
As this is an outdoor activity, everyone should dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

The reason why we, as an eye clinic, are trying to raise awareness is that diabetes relates to your eye health (Diabetic Eye Disease) and we would like patients to know how we can help. We want to educate the public on why this is important. We provide Diabetic Eye Exams to thoroughly check the health of the eyes (which is covered under Alberta Health Care).

Facts About Diabetic Eye Disease

We chose to do a walk because physical activity is very important in the fight against Diabetes. Every little bit can help.

Physical Activity & Diabetes

If you would like to donate (optional of course) and to register for the walk:

Lendrum Eyecare - MyDiabetesFundraiser

If you need further information about the Diabetes Awareness November 2017 Walk contact:
Maddy at Lendrum Eyecare: 5822 - 111 Street NW
780.437.1409 or email lendrumeye@gmail.com
Lendrum Eyecare