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Come share the dream - it's green!

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Join the Lendrum Energy Committee (LEC), wherein we research & discuss ideas for the future of Lendrum’s energy sustainability.

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May 4, 2017,

Hello Lendrum!

I am Pam Smith, the chair of the Lendrum Energy Committee. I am very interested in alternative energies and how they could transform our world, particularly solar energy, which is the focus of the following article. In mid-February I attended a presentation jointly given by the Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) and the City of Edmonton. For fifteen bucks I got four hours of top expertise, food, and drink. These workshops are repeated often during the year and are an excellent introduction to the world of solar.

The following points from the workshop (courtesy of Rob Harlan, presenter) amazed me. Things are changing fast:

  • “The sun could be the world’s largest source of electricity by 2050, ahead of fossil fuels, wind, hydro and nuclear, according to a pair of reports issued today by the International Energy Agency (IEA)” (Source: International Energy Agency, 2014)
  • Solar will be at grid parity in 80% of the global electricity market by by 2017 (Source: Deutsche Bank 2015)
  • 68% of new electrical generation capacity in the US in 2015 was renewable energy (Source: 2015 Bloomberg Report)

Let’s take Germany as an example, to help understand the viability of solar power in Alberta:

Through an ambitious, visionary solar development program instigated in 2000, Germany rapidly became the world leader in installed solar capacity while creating a robust solar industry and radically changing how we view electrical generation and distribution.

In 15 years Germany’s electricity went from 6% renewables to 31%. This was accomplished with:

  • A solar resource which is 60% of Alberta’s
  • Half the land area of Alberta
  • Almost 20X the population as Alberta
  • Less efficient technology than we now have available
  • More expensive technology than we now have available

In 2000, Germany had 4 companies supplying electricity. It now has 1.4 million suppliers. 65% of the total renewable energy capacity is now owned by individuals, farmers, cooperatives and communities. Germany’s once powerful utilities now own 6.8% of this sector.

How does Edmonton Compare?

Potential kWh per yr/WPV

  • Germany, Berlin: 0.848
  • Italy, Rome: 1.283
  • USA, Washington DC: 1.133
  • Japan, Tokyo: 0.885
  • China, Beijing: 1.148
  • Edmonton, Alberta: 1.245

[Rob Harlan is a Solar Contractor, General Building & Electrical Contractor, the Executive Director at SESA, an Instructor at Grant MacEwan Institute of Environmental Studies and Northern Alberta Institute of Technologies, and part of the City of Edmonton Renewable Energy Task Force: Alberta Agriculture Growing Forward Solar Program.]

At this presentation, called Solar PV 101, I learned far too much to convey in one newsletter. I was also able to see and touch actual solar panels, inverters, and other technology related to solar power use. All in all, an excellent experience.

If you would like a copy of the PDF from the presentation, please email me, Pam Smith at

Have a sunshiny day!



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Did you know the Solar Energy Society of Alberta has a fantastic website?

It is

There are many useful links at the bottom of their home page, including one for grants and incentives.



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Federal, Provincial, and Municipal incentives are available:

Visit Government Initiatives | Alberta Canada



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Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

CN Theatre, MacEwan University
105 Street and 104 Avenue
This event is free, no registration is required.

In many ways, Alberta’s embracing of decentralized clean renewable energy projects are guided by the same principals and wisdom that the first peoples of this continent have always deeply understood.

A panel of Indigenous innovators who are leading the way in solar will share their experiences, perspectives, and lessons learned from completed projects. Many Alberta First Nations communities are installing solar systems, often utilizing community-based labour to do the job.

This panel will showcase these inspiring examples and explain the unique benefits of solar PV and solar training programs bring to Alberta First Nations communities.


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No current workshops to attend?? Check out the ones that you missed and see if you can make contact with any of the presenters on your own to gather some information! Also be sure to check out the SESA Seminar Series. There are pdfs available for many of the past presentations!



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Not sure how to begin conserving energy? Try Alberta's One Simple Act