aging in place initiative

"Aging in place means having the health and social supports and services you need to live safely and independently in your home or your community for as long as you wish and are able."

We all know that Lendrum is a great place to live. For many Lendrum residents, it is the place they want to call home as they age as well. The Lendrum Community League (LCL) has recognized this and with the help of the community as a whole, the LCL hopes to provide resource information and helpful services that will allow more of our long time neighbours to stay in their homes for as long as they wish and are able.

The LCL created a position, the Aging-in-Place Coordinator, and asked for a volunteer who lived in the community to come forward to:

  • Learn about and promote services available for seniors
  • Coordinate a neighbourhood snow angels program
  • Connect seniors to available resources
  • Develop additional programming for seniors if there was demand
  • Find out what skills and knowledge Lendrum seniors can share with the community
  • Be a voice for neighbourhood seniors at the Lendrum Community League

Introducing Lendrum's Aging-in-Place Coordinators

  • Lisa Vaughn
    "I have been a Registered Nurse for 14 years. I have a Masters in Nursing Leadership and Education with a Specialization in Aging. I have also been a Lendrum resident for about 5 years and I love this community! I am very passionate about seniors health and wellness, and am excited to work with Jamie on this very important community initiative."

    "We are in our planning phase right now, so please feel free to give me a call or send me a text if you would like share your ideas on how we can support our community to become a really age friendly place to live. My phone number is 780-918-6678."
  • Jamie MacDonald
    "I am a fourth year undergraduate student in the Human Ecology program at the University of Alberta. I have a Family Studies major and an Aging minor. I am interested in many aspects of life related to seniors and aging including retirement and aging in place."

    "My grandmother lives in Lendrum and she alerted me to the Aging in Place Coordinator position with the community league."

    "I look forward to working alongside Lisa to develop resources and programs to promote aging in place in Lendrum!"

Call for Volunteers to Join the Lendrum Age-Friendly Committee

  • A project of this nature requires leadership, direction and commitment – a group of people who are committed to planning, coordination, and seeing the project through. Establishing an Age-Friendly Committee will provide us with the organizational structure required to pursue age-friendliness in our community. Meetings will be held on a monthly basis
    If you would like to join this committee, please contact Lisa Vaughn at 780-918-6678.

Senior Resources

  •   Edmonton Resources COVID-19 Web Page: Response To Seniors' Needs
    In an effort to support seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council has developed a new COVID-19 resource web page, which will be maintained and updated regularly in the coming weeks. This page includes updates from seniors' organizations and information to support seniors and their families during this challenging time.
    The Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council is monitoring closures and service limitations and this information will be updated regularly.
  •   News and Events for Seniors
    Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council has developed a resource for supports and virtual activities for Seniors during the COVID Pandemic.
  •   Directory of Senior Services
    Directory of Seniors Services - Sage
    This is a booklet produced annually by Sage Seniors Association. It is a comprehensive list of all local resources.

    You can view or download this booklet as a pdf document from Sage Seniors Association

    If you would like a paper copy of the booklet. Please call please contact Lisa Vaughn at 780-918-6678 and she can place one in your mailbox.

  •   The Get Connected Guide
    Connecting Edmonton Seniors
    The Get Connected Guide offers an overview of community touchpoints that can help seniors get connected in their communities. The guide was produced by the Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council. You can view or download this booklet as a pdf document from Connecting Edmonton Seniors or call Lisa Vaughn at 780-918-6678 and she can and she can print you a paper copy and place it in your mailbox.

  •   Recreation and Wellness Directory for Older Adults
    Connecting Edmonton Seniors
    Search for arts, fitness, technology, health, and recreational activities for adults 55+ in the Edmonton area. You’ll find hundreds of interesting and fun activities to enrich your life. You can view or download this booklet as a pdf document from Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council or call Lisa Vaughn at 780-918-6678 and she can and she can print you a paper copy and place it in your mailbox.