Lendrum Community Hall Rental

 Lendrum Community League Hall - photo by Greg Fjell June 2017

The Lendrum Community Hall is located at:   11335 - 57 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB
Parking lot entrance is on the east side of Lendrum Park, along 113A street at 56 avenue.

To book a rental, first check the Hall Rentals Calendar for your preferred date, then email the Hall Rentals Coordinator, hallrentals@lendrum.org

The Hall Rental, Rink and Volleyball Coordinators are Volunteers who live in the community and freely give their time, efforts and skills.
When making your requests for information or to rent a facility, please allow our Volunteers a few days to get back to you.

Abusive or aggressive behaviour as well as persistent or unreasonable demands are unacceptable.

Hall Amenities

  • Large room 9.1 m x 9.1 m (30 feet x 30 feet) is suitable for social gatherings.

    Edmonton Fire Rescue Fire Prevention - Maximum Operational Occupant Load
    • Dining & Beverage 62
    • OR Space with non-fixed seats 100
    • OR Space with non-fixed seats & tables 78

    Included with the rental are:
    • Eight tables 2.4 m (8 feet) in length.
    • Four tables 1.8 m (6 feet) in length.
    • 65 chairs.
    • Full kitchen with stove, fridge, dishwasher and microwave.
  • A set of dishes, glasses and cutlery for 50 is available to rent for $1/person.
  • The smaller room is suitable for meetings. Fifteen upholstered chairs can fit around the large conference table.

    Two washrooms are accessible from the hall and an additional washroom is accessed from the skate room.

    There is a loading zone in front of the hall door, accessible from the parking lot entrance on 113A street.
  • In accordance with the City of Edmonton Bylaw 14614 - Public Places Bylaw:
    Inappropriate Public Behaviour including littering, smoking, vaping, cannabis use, illegal drug use and disorderly conduct is not allowed inside or outside Lendrum Hall.
    Inappropriate Public Behaviour is not allowed in Lendrum Park, on the playground, water spray parks, beach volleyball courts, seasonal skating rinks, sports fields or adjacent school grounds.
  • Edmonton Police Service - Agent Status Program
    As part of the Agent Status program, the Lendrum Community League has given authority to Edmonton Police Service members to act as "agents" for the property. This then gives EPS members the authority to act on behalf of the Lendrum Community League.

Hall Availability & Booking

  • Only adults 25 years and older can rent the Lendrum Community Hall.

    The hall can only be used for social and recreational functions, and not commercial purposes.

    Please read all sections on this webpage before emailing to view the hall or make a booking.
  • 1.  Check the Hall Rentals Calendar to determine if the hall is available on the day(s) you want to rent it.
    If you want to view the hall, check the Calendar for a time when the hall is not busy.
  • 2.  Email hallrentals@lendrum.org to view the hall and/or to confirm that your preferred date is available.
    If you’re serious about renting the hall, ask that a Hall Rental Agreement be emailed to you.
  • 3.  Your preferred date is not booked until you have:
    1. Returned the completed Hall Rental Agreement to hallrentals@lendrum.org
    2. Sent a scan or photo of your current home community league membership card to hallrentals@lendrum.org
    3. Sent the rent by etransfer to treasurer@lendrum.org or by cheque payable to Lendrum Community League to the Hall Rentals Coordinator.
    4. Provided proof of Liability Insurance
    5. Provided current Photo ID
    6. Paid the Key, Damages and Cleaning Bond of $100 CASH
    7. **Not For Profits must provide Corporate Registration

If booking other Lendrum Community League facilities (Beach Volleyball Courts and Ice Rink or Skating Oval) visit Lendrum Facility Availability Calendars.

Parkland use may require a license from the City of Edmonton; find more information at Outdoor Permits Required.


1.  Hall Rental Costs depend on where you live and if you have current league membership. The /day rental is for a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Lendrum Residents with a Community League Membership (CLM):
    $50/4 hours on Sunday only
    $25/h or $125/day on Monday through Saturday
  • Lendrum Residents without a CLM:
    $35/h or $150/day
  • Non-Lendrum Residents must have a CLM from their home community:
    $35/h or $150/day
2.  Liability Insurance
  • All Renters must have Liability Insurance.
  • The insurance required is a short-term facility rental policy that names Lendrum Community League as an additional insured for $2 million liability coverage.
      Foster Park Brokers provides this Insurance online for a reasonable fee.
3.  A Liquor Licence from AGLC
  • If your guests will consume alcohol, you must have a Liquor Licence from AGLC.
  • In Alberta, you need a special event licence (SEL) from the AGLC to sell or provide liquor at private events, which are open to invited guests or members only.
    • If you will be providing liquor free, you will need a private non-sale SEL licence.

    • If guests will be paying for either admission or liquor service, you will need a private resale SEL licence
    You will find full details and links to apply for the licence online at   Liquor Licences for Private Special Events | AGLC
4.  The Key, Damages and Cleaning Bond of $100 CASH.
  • This is paid by the Renter before receiving keys to the hall.

    It is held by the Lendrum's Hall Rentals Coordinator to cover cover loss of keys, damages and/or cleaning of Lendrum Community Hall.

    It will be returned to the Renter if keys are returned, the hall is undamaged and cleaned as required.
4.  Renters can hire our Hall Custodian, Lionel at sunclean@yahoo.ca to clean after your event for $60 - $100.