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Contact: Bonnie Herring-Cooper to view the facility or to book a rental.

The Community Hall is available for rental for non-profit, non-commercial purposes.

The Tri-Partite Agreement: Restrictions on Rentals

Bookings are on a first come - first serve basis, with preference being given to local community events and those programs that are scheduled seasonally. The hall contains a large room (capacity 75 - 100), full kitchen and adjacent meetings rooms.

The Lendrum Community Hall is located at 11335-57 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB

Mail delivered via Canada Post should be sent to:
Lendrum Community League.
P.O. Box 4570
Edmonton, AB   T6E 5G4

If you would like to book the hall to use for a family function or for a few friends to get together, please check the Hall Availabilty Calendar then contact Bonnie Herring-Cooper at

Photo of Lendrum Community Hall


Outdoor Permits Required

For events on any public park, a permit is required if the activities include anything beyond passive use.

Anna Vesala, Community Recreation Coordinator for Lendrum is able to issue any resident or community group a permit for use of public parkland.

Contact: Anna Vesala, Community Recreation Coordinator

Desk:  780.496.1473
221 Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre
Neighbourhoods Branch, Community Services Department, City of Edmonton

Some examples of types of activities that require a permit include:

  • Large group gatherings of 50 or more people
  • A wedding, church service, or church picnic
  • Entertainment such as fireworks, horse‐drawn wagon/sleigh rides, hot air balloons, commercial photography, gaming/raffles, amusement rides, bouncy houses/inflatable play structures, petting zoo, outdoor music/stage, parachute take off/landing
  • Temporary food service
  • Liquor to serve or sell
  • Portable toilets
  • Model aircraft, rockets or other power‐assisted flying models
  • Fire pits and barbecues
  • Burying things on parkland
  • Golfing in the park
  • Putting up temporary signage on parkland
  • Vehicles driving across or parking on parkland


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Contact: Bonnie Herring-Cooper to view the facility or to book a rental.