Winter Fair

Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 12 to 4:00 PM @ Lendrum Community Hall

Winter Fair - Enjoy the outdoors with fun activities.

Come down to the hall for a sleigh ride, an outdoor fireside chat with friends, skating, sledding, and fun outdoor games for all!

There will be outside games to play, snowshoes for tramping about, and horse-drawn sleigh rides all afternoon. Lace up for a game of shinny or grab your sleds to race down the hill! Decorate a snowman with snow graffiti! Enjoy indoor games for all ages, and a mug or two of hot chocolate to warm up. But most importantly, good company with good neighbours!

If your surname begins with A-K, please bring a savoury snack to share.
If your surname begins with L-Z, please bring something sweet.
Beverages will be supplied. You can bring your own mug if you want to help keep things green.

See you there!
Your Event Host, Georgina

Helping hands are always needed to make events go smoothly. A few of the tasks are listed below - please lend a hand:

  • Set up (2 people) for an hour before it starts
  • One adult per hour to:
    • help people get on and off the sleigh ride
    • heat water to set up for hot chocolate
    • help with the snowshoes

  • And two adults for an hour afterwards to
    • tidy up at the end of it all

Please contact Georgina at or call Georgina at 780-920-2616 and let her know what you'd like to help with so we have all tasks covered.