The Community of Lendrum Place / A Vibrate, Diverse Community Where Neighbours Share and Connect


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A vibrant, diverse community where neighbours share and connect.

The Community of Lendrum Place, with well maintained homes, completed neighbourhood revitalization projects and strong community minded schools in the area, this mature southside neighbourhood is as thriving, vibrate and diverse now, as it was in its beginning, in the early 1960's.

In the centre of the community is Lendrum Athletic Park, the Community League Hall and the school grounds of Lendrum Elementary School and École Avalon School, the local Junior High. It's a very busy location at any time of the year; therefore this region is bounded by a reduced speed limit zone of 30Km/hr.

Lendrum Place Map - courtesy of City of Edmonton

Homes on the north side of the community run along 61st Avenue with easy access to the Saville Community Sports Centre, Tevie Miller Heritage School - Alberta School for the Deaf, South Campus/Fort Edmonton Park Transit Centre and Light Rail Transit Station, and then lead further northwards to the main University of Alberta Campus.

The boundary on the east side is 111th Street which includes the convenience of the Lendrum Shopping Centre, the peace of mind of a nearby Emergency Medical Services / Ambulance Bay and access to the Southgate Mall Transit Centre and Light Rail Transit Station.

Along the southside boundary of 51st Avenue is St. Martin's Elementary School; which offers Ukrainian Dance training within its programming. From here is easy access to the Whitemud Freeway or Southgate Centre.

Homes on the west side of Lendrum on 115th Street look out onto the fields of the University Of Alberta - Edmonton Research Station.pdf 798KB or University Farm as it is more commonly known; one of the best agricultural research facilities in North America. One of the longest streets in Lendrum, 115 street, was designated as a Bike Route in the 1980’s. In recent years speed bumps were added to slow down vehicular traffic.

An Edmonton Transit Route threads through the community and connects with the Light Rail Transit stations at Southgate Centre and South Campus.

Various recreational and leisure programs are available for children, adults and seniors in the Lendrum Community. Many events and programs are free and others require a Community League Membership.

We invite you to explore and see what the Community of Lendrum Place has to offer you!

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