South Campus

Email: Lendrum Community League Civics Coordinator at with your suggestions or concerns.

map of Lendrum and South Campus

Current South Campus Issues that are being addressed.

Sector 14 Long Range Development Plan Amendment

  • September 2021 - The Summary of Comments received from the Public Open House regarding the Sector 14 LRDP was received and can be viewed here
  • June 2021 - The U of A held a Public Open House on June 29, 2021 to provide more information on the amendment of land use plans (Long Range Development Plan - LRDP) for the South Campus Sector 14 area.
    More details can be found on the LRDP for Sector 14 at the University of Alberta website
    The contact person for the open house was Emily Ball at 780-492-4345 or by email at

Edmonton Lab Hub Site Restoration Update

  • June 2020 - In 2019 the decision was made by the Alberta UPC Government to cancel the Edmonton Clinical Laboratory Hub Project that had been started by the previous NDP Government.
    In the last month, work has started on restoring the site. Contractors are working to fill in the open excavation.

    The Government of Alberta has stated that they are committed to restoring the construction site area to a natural safe green field site that can be enjoyed by the community. Depending on weather conditions, the site should be graded and sodded in the summer 2020. It is anticipated that the field will be completed in the summer of 2021 after a complete growing season.

UA Research Farm Signage

  • May 2020 - The UA has posted additional signage at all entrances to the UA Farmland on South campus as a COVID-19 Safety Update.
    • Dogs must be on leash at all times
    • No public gatherings
    • Social distancing at all times
    • No pubic vehicles

    Violations subject to Provincial fines and/or University Code of Student Behaviour Sanctions.

Michener Park Long Range Development Plan Amendment

  • May 2020 - The last residents of Michener Park will leave this summer and the buildings will be boarded and fenced. The University has yet to decide how to address demolish of the area. Michener Park will be transferred to the University of Alberta Property Trust. The Trust Board members met with Lendrum League in April and want to assure Lendrum residents are informed of new developments as information arises.
  • November 2019 - The U of A held a Public Open House that provided information on the amendment of land use plans (Long Range Development Plan) for the South Campus - Michener Park area.
    The contact person for the open house was Emily Ball at 780-492-4345 or by email at

    The information presented at the open house will be posted online on November 28, 2019 until December 19, 2019 at South Campus – Michener Park Long Range Development Plan Amendment Open House
    View the University of Alberta Long Range Development Plan

Construction of Soccer Fields near 63rd avenue U of A Farm Entrance

  • March 2019 - Two soccer fields will be constructed near the 63rd avenue farm entrance this summer. The fields will be ready for the 2020 soccer seasons. One will be sunken like Lendrum’s soccer field.

Improved Pedestrian Crossing

  • March 2019 - The roads adjacent to the Saville Centre will see construction this summer to improve pedestrian crossing safety. The University is addressing recent pedestrian-vehicle incidents.

Parking Around the Saville Centre

  • March 2019 - This year, the university will expand available parking around the Saville Centre but charge $1.50 a night for users. The gravel parking lot near the LRT will be available at night once the parking fees are in place.

The Cube - Near 60th Avenue Entrance to U of A Farm

  • March 2019 - A two-story building about the size of large house called call “the cube” will be built over the next two years near the 60th avenue entrance to the farm. The cube will facilitate the future power needs of south campus.

Feed Mill to be Demolished

  • March 2019 - The “feed mill” which is a structure adjacent to the south west of the Saville Centre will be demolished in the next year and its functions transferred to the Discovery Centre which is the large building at the end of 60th Avenue.

Double Arena is Planned

  • March 2019 - A double arena is planned to the west of Saville Centre and has a City commitment for funding but needs additional funds to proceed.

Cross Country Ski Trail

  • March 2019 - The Department of Kinesiology is exploring the possibility of a cross country ski trail on the farm close to the Saville Centre where existing lighting can be used to advantage. The farm management does not want organizations like Ski2LRT using snowmobiles to build trails because recreational snowmobilers might decide to start using the farm based on the example.

Demolition of Michener Park

  • March 2019 - Demolition of some Michener Park residences will start soon as the buildings are vacated. The university will transfer the land to the University Land Trust. The Trust has not identified a final use for the land.

University and Lendrum

  • March 2019 - The university is willing to come to the community hall discuss the relationship between it and Lendrum if residents are interested. The university is doing a broad consultation with Albertans on the university’s public role.

Research and Collections Resource Facility

  • Spring 2018 - The Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF) will be the first purpose-built, long-term storage facility for UAlberta's valuable book, map and archive collection. Located on South Campus, the RCRF will not only receive, process and store valuable resources, but will also be a central point for research. The facility will include a reading room for prearranged study, a library, and storage, sorting and processing areas. RCRF will replace the existing Book and Records Depository (BARD), which is located in leased space on 50 Street in Edmonton. This building has earned three Green Globes.
    Architect: Architect: HFKS Architects Contractor: Stuart Olson Construction Completed: Spring 2018

Evergreen Pond

  • Fall 2017 - Evergreen Pond is a stormwater management pond located on South Campus on 63 avenue and 118 street. The pond and the surrounding 0.6 hectares (1.5 acres) of park space are UAlberta's legacy gift to the community for Canada's 150th anniversary. The park surrounding Evergreen Pond is both a public park, and a gathering place for outdoor ceremonies, performances and lectures. The park includes a circular arena stage (The Circle), five stone benches (each representing one of UAlberta's campuses), two grassy seating berms and walkways connecting the area to 63 avenue.
    Architect: Stantec Consulting Ltd. Contractor: Weinrich Contracting Ltd. Completed: Fall 2017

Background Information

The University of Alberta and the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition (SCNC) announced in May 2012 the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to guide consultation on development at the university’s South Campus thereby establishing the South Campus Consultation Group (SCCG).

The South Campus Consultation Group (SCCG) is mandated to meet at least 4 times per year, and is made up of a maximum of two members from each of the following communities near the university's South Campus: Aspen Gardens, Belgravia, Grandview, Lansdowne, Lendrum, Malmo Plains, McKernan, and Parkallen.

The development of the University of Alberta South Campus does not fall within City Planning Guidelines. The U of A oversees and approves its own developments. Therefore the MOU serves to facilitate collaborative and productive dialogues with respect to development plans for that campus and is the product of facilitated meetings between representatives of the South Campus Neighborhood Coalition (SCNC) and senior administration from the University of Alberta.

If you are new to the issue, then please check out the following links. There is a significant amount of information on the following websites which will help to keep you informed.
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