South Campus

Email: Stephen Dobson, Lendrum Community League Civics Coordinator at with your suggestions or concerns.

Stephen also chairs the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition (SCNC), which includes Leagues around the U of A Farm.

map of Lendrum and South Campus

Current South Campus Issues that are being addressed.

Edmonton Lab Hub

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is working with the Government of Alberta to develop a diagnostic laboratory system on the South Campus. The new Edmonton Lab Hub will bring together existing laboratories, staff and laboratory medicine physicians currently dispersed across Edmonton hospitals to process more than 30 million tests every year, under one roof. The new lab will also provide capacity for research and the training of laboratory professionals from across Alberta.
  • March 2019 - Construction on the project will commence on March 4, 2019. The initial site activities will include the following:
    • construction fencing will be installed;
    • site logistics, like trade trailers and utilities, will be set up;
    • a laydown area for construction materials will be established; and
    • construction equipment and cranes will be brought in.
    Following the above activities, topsoil will be removed in preparation for excavation, piling, and foundations. Once started, construction will take approximately 30 months to complete.
    To limit the impact of construction activities on the local communities, we will follow City of Edmonton Bylaws and implement noise and dust abatement strategies. In addition, we will endeavor to avoid impacting traffic in the area during peak times.
  • March 2019 - The new parking lot will be on the current School for the Deaf soccer field. The school's soccer field will be moved to the north wing of the school which Alberta Infrastructure says is being demolished. AHS/Alberta Infrastructure said this demolish was planned prior to the lab's planned construction.
  • December 2018 - The Government of Alberta, AHS, and the Alberta School for the Deaf have now planned the style of staff parking at the Edmonton ‘Lab Hub’. It will have a surface lot with approximately 530 stalls, located south of the ‘Lab Hub’ building, across the present transit service road on 65th Avenue and adjacent to the Alberta School for the Deaf.
    Read the full Lab Hub update / Q&A (December 13 2018) (127 KB) (pdf)
    To view images and renderings and submit questions and comments please visit Edmonton Lab Hub | Together 4 Health

Background Information

The University of Alberta and the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition (SCNC) announced in May 2012 the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to guide consultation on development at the university’s South Campus thereby establishing the South Campus Consultation Group (SCCG).

The South Campus Consultation Group (SCCG) is mandated to meet at least 4 times per year, and is made up of a maximum of two members from each of the following communities near the university's South Campus: Aspen Gardens, Belgravia, Grandview, Lansdowne, Lendrum, Malmo Plains, McKernan, and Parkallen.

The development of the University of Alberta South Campus does not fall within City Planning Guidelines. The U of A oversees and approves its own developments. Therefore the MOU serves to facilitate collaborative and productive dialogues with respect to development plans for that campus and is the product of facilitated meetings between representatives of the South Campus Neighborhood Coalition (SCNC) and senior administration from the University of Alberta.

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