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The City's team of Neighbourhood Resource Coordinators supports a community's efforts to contribute to its own development.

Our Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator (NRC) will support Lendrum with:

  • strategic planning, implementing needs assessments and community involvement plans
  • supporting community-delivered recreation and social opportunities
  • event licensing
  • navigating City processes and connecting with other City staff who have the subject

The focus of work is on community development rather than recreation, with 4 core functions:

  • Facilitate Planning
  • Capacity-building
  • Connecting people, process and ideas
  • Enhancing Neighbourhood Liveability

NRC Monthly Report

Plan An Event - FAQs

A helpful website created by the City of Edmonton to answer your questions for planning an event.

Plan an Event FAQs :: City of Edmonton

Outdoor Permits Required

For events on any public park, a permit is required if the activities include anything beyond passive use.

Wendy Keiller, the Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator (NRC) for Lendrum, is able to issue any resident or community group a permit for no charge, for use of public parkland.

Wendy Keiller
Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator
Citizen Services
Neighbourhoods | Community Standards & Neighbourhoods
Call Wendy Keiller at 780-944-7833

City of Edmonton
Millwoods Town Centre Professional Building
110, 6203-28 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6L 6K3

Not sure if you need a Parkland Event License?
Visit Neighbourhood Event Planning :: City of Edmonton.

Permit applications are due a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event. Submitting your application does not imply that you event is approved or that your proposed location of date is confirmed.

All events held on a street, in a park or on City of Edmonton property require proof of at least $2 million general liability insurance with the City of Edmonton listed as an "Additional Insured"

The Neighbourhood Resource Coordinator will connect back with you once the application is received.

Events requiring a permit include:

  • Large group gatherings of 50 or more people
  • A church service, church picnic or wedding
  • Commercial photography
  • Temporary food service
  • Golfing in the park or swimming and boating in a lake/pond in my community
  • Putting up posters or temporary signage
  • Horse-drawn sleigh rides
  • Bouncy houses
  • Vehicles on parkland
  • Gaming/raffles
  • Liquor to serve or sell
  • Portable toilets
  • Fires and barbecues
  • Fireworks
  • Burying things on parkland

Grant Opportunities

Various types of grant opportunties exist. These allow groups and communities to acquire funding for enhancement projects. Not all projects qualify. There are strict rules that govern these opportunties.

More information on Alberta Government Grants can be found at Community Grants | Alberta Culture and Tourism

The City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Resource Coordinators have prepared this listing, 2019 Grant Opportunities.pdf 180KB, in hopes that we might be able to put our collective heads together and find out which ones we might be able to use.

Neighbourhood Block Party Kit

A neighbourhood block party is an opportunity for people to meet and get to know each other. Edmonton City Council has waived the $100 fee for Block Parties.

A permit (free) is still required from the City when a block party is held on a location where there is traffic (streets, back alleys, or cul-de-sacs). The permit is required to block off the street.

Signatures from all your neighbours in the block party zone are required on the permit to show support for the event, whether or not they plan to attend.

The permit must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event. The permit includes pick up and delivery of road barriers. Alcohol consumption is not permitted on city roads or public property.

Neighbourhood Block Party Kit.pdf

EQuipment Magazine

The City of Edmonton - Neighbourhood Recreation Experiences loans recreation program equipment to non-profit organizations for use at free programs or events that are open to the public. Equipment is picked up at our office at Circle Square Professional Building located at 11808 St.Albert Trail .

There is a $10 fee for borrowing a maximum of 5 kits. Additional kits will be $5 each.

Visit Services for Recreation Providers and Event Organizers - Equipment for details.

If you require additional information, please contact: Kathleen Korner at 780.496.2945 or

EQuipment Magazine 2018.pdf
Last edit April 2018

Book a Sports Field or Ball Diamond

The City of Edmonton provides outdoor sport field facilities for use by members of the public as well as organized groups. From natural grass to artificial turf, these well-maintained fields are great for recreational as well as competitive use.

Sports Fields :: City of Edmonton
Map of Avalon Lendrum Sports Fields

Joint Use Agreement

The Joint Use Agreements are partnerships of the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Public Schools, Edmonton Catholic Schools and Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord (Central North Francophone Schools).

Two of the many provisions: Access to school facilities for community groups after school hours and shared use of sports fields by community sport groups.

Joint Use Agreement
City of Edmonton

Program Guides - City of Edmonton

These guides list the recreation, community, and school programs offered by the City of Edmonton.
Included on the Program Guide webpage are: Accessible and Low Cost or Free Recreation Guides - that are prepared seasonally.
To register for programs online, visit eReg

Program Guides
City of Edmonton

The Park Bench eNewsletter

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Each month you will find information that celebrates and highlights City activities, events, programs and services for neighbourhoods in Edmonton.

The Park Bench - eNewsletter

Community Recreation Network Resource List

Recreation Providers and Maps of Recreation Networks in Southwest Edmonton

Community Recreation Network
Resource List - Google Drive

River Valley Winter Map 2018

The River Valley Map, reveals the snowy side of Edmonton's river valley. Find out where to skate, toboggan, access a washroom and which paths are cleared of snow.

River Valley Winter Map Jan 2018

City of Edmonton Newcomer's Guide

If you are new to Edmonton from another part of Alberta, Canada, or the world, the Newcomers' Guide to Edmonton has information about many services that will help you to settle in your new city. The guide is available in English, Amharic, Arabic, Chines, French, Punjabi, Somali and Spanish

Newcomer's Guide