Lendrum Civics Issues

Email: Stephen Dobson, Lendrum Community League Civics Coordinator at
civics@lendrum.org with your suggestions or concerns.

Stephen also chairs the South Campus Neighbourhood Coalition (SCNC), which includes Leagues around the U of A Farm.

map of Lendrum

Current Lendrum Civics Issues that are being addressed.

Also see the Lendrum Living Newsletters for additional topics of interest.

CRH - Lendrum Redevelopment

The Capital Region Housing Lendrum Redevelopment project is located north of 60th Avenue. Demolition of the current apartment buildings will begin in July 2019. Construction of a six storey housing complex will start in November 2019.

CRH - Lendrum Redevelopment - It Starts With Home

Neighbourhood Crime

Development of a Task Force On Crime & Crime Prevention with other community leagues in the area.

Parking along residential streets

As of January 1, 2016, the City of Edmonton implemented a Residential Parking Program in Northwest Lendrum.

Annual Residental Parking Permits are required by residents and Temporary Permits for their guests parking longer than 2 hours along the signed areas.

Civics deals with issues concerning planning, development and other information coming from our City Council as well as other levels of government. Our Lendrum Community League Civics Coordinator puts together our Community's Response based on your feedback on issues, such as transportation, zoning, city bylaws, and land use and development, that affect our community and its livability for all.