Frequently Used Links to Information & Services

Member of Parliament (MP) For the Constituency of Edmonton—Strathcona: Ms. Linda Duncan (NDP)

After a decade of being honoured to represent Edmonton Strathcona, Linda Duncan has decided that she will not be seeking the nomination for the Fall 2019 federal election.
The 43rd Canadian Federal Election is scheduled to take place on or before October 21, 2019

Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (MLA) For the Constituency of Edmonton - Strathcona: Rachel Notley (NDP)

By legislation, the next provincial general election is scheduled to occur between March 1 and May 31, 2023. Alberta does not have a fixed election date.

Elections Alberta | Chief Electoral Office

Elections Alberta is the office responsible for the administration of provincial elections, by-elections and referenda.

Sheree Kwong See, PhD Alberta Seniors Advocate - Alberta Seniors Advocate

Provides resolution support to senior Albertans and their families by providing information and linking Albertans to government and/or community programs and services.

Mayor Don Iveson :: City Of Edmonton SIRE Public Access - City of Edmonton

Access to City documents, as well as Agendas and Minutes from recent and archived City meetings.

Ward 10 Councillor - Michael Walters :: City Of Edmonton Ward F Edmonton Public Schools District Trustee: Michael Janz Ward 75 Edmonton Catholic Schools Trustee: Alene Mutala Municipal Census :: City Of Edmonton

The next municipal census for the City of Edmonton will be held April 2019.

Edmonton Elections :: City Of Edmonton

The next General Election will be held on Monday, October 18, 2021.
Every 4 years, voters are called to the polls to elect: 1 Mayor, 1 Councillor for each of the 12 City of Edmonton wards, 1 Edmonton Catholic School District Trustee for each of the 7 wards or 1 Edmonton Public School District Trustee for each of the 9 wards.

Street Sweeping :: City of Edmonton

Every spring, all City streets are cleared of sand and debris that have accumulated over the winter.

Neighbourhood Blading :: City of Edmonton

Look up when snow will be cleared in your neighbourhood. Learn about handling windrows and parking etiquette.

Community Sandboxes :: City of Edmonton

Free sand is provided during winter weather to use on your icy sidewalks and walkways. Remember to bring your own container when you visit your local community sandbox or Roadway Maintenance Yard. Call 311 if the sandbox is empty, crews fill them as time permits.

Emergency Guide :: City Of Edmonton

This Emergency Guide was published by the City of Edmonton’s Office of Emergency Management and ATCO Gas. In this guide is easy-to-understand information on personal emergency preparedness to help citizens better protect themselves, family members and neighbours.

Fire Talk :: City Of Edmonton

Fire safety tips, on a variety of topics, from Edmonton Fire Rescue Services in 19 different languages.

Edmonton Police Service - Neighbourhood Crime Map

Select a neighbourhood of interest by 'clicking' on the city map, select a date range, and then select one, some or all of 8 crime type groups to plot on the map.

The Edmonton Urban Coyote Project

A joint U of A / City of Edmonton website, where you can report coyote sightings and learn more about coyotes.

SIRE Public Access - City of Edmonton

Access to City documents, as well as Agendas and Minutes from recent and archived City meetings.

Edmonton - Open Data Portal

Data from across the City's departments and branches is available in a single place - the Open Data Portal.

Senior Fares :: City of Edmonton

Residents of Edmonton, 65 years of age and older qualify for a Senior Annual Edmonton Transit Pass. Annual passes are non-transferable.
Senior Annual Passes are valid from April 1 of the current year until March 31 of the next year. Passes go on sale each year at the begining of March and are sold until December. They are not prorated regardless of when they are purchased.
The Senior Annual Pass can only be purchased at the Edmonton Service Centre or through the mail-in program.

Passes can be used for unlimited travel on all Edmonton Transit buses, the LRT and DATS (for registered DATS users). These passes are NOT accepted on the route 747 with service to Edmonton International Airport, or regional transit vehicles.

Leisure Access Program :: City of Edmonton

A subsidized program based on income and publicly funded, it is designed to remove some of the financial barriers associated with using City of Edmonton operated recreation and attraction facilities. Available to Edmonton residents only, who meet certain criteria.

Ride Transit Program :: City of Edmonton

A subsidized program based on income and publicly funded, it is designed to remove some of the financial barriers associated with using City of Edmonton public transit. Available to Edmonton residents only, who meet certain criteria.

Public Engagement :: City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is committed to involving the people affected by the decisions it makes. We seek diverse opinions, experiences and information so that a wide spectrum of information is available to decision makers.

Benchmark Program :: City of Edmonton Dog Off-Leash Areas :: City of Edmonton Found Pets at the Animal Care and Control Centre Open City Wi-Fi Locations - Map

Free public Wi-Fi Internet access service provided courtesy of the City of Edmonton to patrons of some of the City’s publicly accessible facilities. (LRT Stations and some recreation facilities).
Any public Wi-Fi service may be subject to interception by unauthorized third parties.

Wi-Fi at Edmonton Public Library

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled device, you have free access to wireless Internet at EPL branches. Or book your public computer ( iMac, PC, Chromebook ) time up to a week in advance with your EPL library card number and PIN.
Any public Wi-Fi service may be subject to interception by unauthorized third parties.

Connect to a TELUS Wi-Fi location

TELUS Wi-Fi is a free service, offered both to TELUS customers and non-customers, at select locations such as stadiums, airports, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls.
Any public Wi-Fi service may be subject to interception by unauthorized third parties.

Shaw Go WiFi Guest Access

In partnership with cities and towns across Western Canada, the service will be available in popular city-owned public spaces, including municipal buildings, recreation facilities, parks and transit stations.
Any public Wi-Fi service may be subject to interception by unauthorized third parties.

CIRA Internet Performance Test

Test your internet speed. Enter your postal code to map our community. Or enter a postal code to search the map to see other areas. Chrome isn't necessary, use your usual browser


A 24-hour information and referral line that helps people connect to social, health and government services. 211 can help you find: basic needs (food, clothing, shelter and financial support), employment resources, parenting support, counselling/support groups, health care, legal services and MUCH more.

811 - Health Link

Do you have a health concern for yourself or a child? Call Health Link by dialing 811 for quick and easy advice from a registered nurse 24/7. They will ask questions, assess symptoms and determine the best care for you.
Remember, in a medical emergency, always call 911 or visit the nearest emergency department.

Caregivers Alberta - Caring for Caregivers

A caregiver is a family member or friend who provides unpaid care for a loved one living with challenges due to disability, illness, or aging.

Caregiver College

Alberta Caregiver College® is a virtual college dedicated to providing courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of caregivers to provide for their family member. The educational programs were developed by the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, Alberta Health Services, with contributions from other partnering organizations in Alberta. The individuals who developed the programs are educators and professionals in rehabilitation and geriatrics and include dietitians, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, psychologists, social workers, and speech language pathologists.

Continuing Care

Continuing care includes home care, supportive living, long term care, hospice and end-of-life care.

ElderCare Edmonton

Supporting Edmonton Seniors & Caregivers

Influenza Immunization Information and Data - AHS

Influenza immunizations are available, free of charge, to all Albertans six months of age and older, through AHS clinics, pharmacies and physicians.

Medical - Tests & Treatments by Name

What your medical test or treatment is for. What to expect during and after.
Remember, your doctor is your best resources.

Medication - Search by Name

What the medicine is for. What you need to know when taking it.
Remember, your doctor and pharmacist are your best resources.

Medication List - chart template

Keep track of everything you take to keep you healthy – your pills, vitamins, and herbs. Prescription and over-the-counter. Take the list with you when you go see the doctor, your pharmacist, have a medical appointment or test, or have to go to the hospital or emergency room.

Mental Health - Depression Hurts

Depression is not just a temporary change in mood. It is a real medical disorder that can affect anyone, anytime with many emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioural symptoms.

Mental Health - Right by You

The more you talk about the little things, the easier it is to talk about the big things. Mental illness is one of the most pressing issues facing young people today.

Patient Care Handouts

Patient Care Handouts help you to take care of yourself or someone else after you’ve seen a healthcare provider.

Parachute - Preventing Injuries. Saving Lives

Parachute provides a number of injury prevention resources available free to download.

Prevent a fall before it happens.

Know your risk factors so you can take action to reduce your chance of falling.

Restaurant Inspection Results

To ensure compliance with the province's Food Regulation, restaurant inspections completed by Public Health Inspectors occur prior to the opening of a new facility, every four to six months thereafter or more often if non-compliance with the regulation has been identified.

Walking Aids for hip and knee replacement patients.

How to fit and safely use your walker, cane and crutches